In January of 2015 we started uploading services to Youtube to reach as many people as we could.  Of course getting a country church with limited bandwidth online came with some hiccups, but I believe we've finally got it down!   All our services are now going to be posted right here on the website for those who miss out!    Because internet speeds at country churches provide an obvious hurdle for a process like this, please recognize that the services will be posted a little late.  We can't always record, upload and publish all on the same day.  We'll do our best to get these up within 2 days of their original airing, but remember that we're all volunteers with busy schedules, so please forgive us any delays.

We hope that providing you this service helps you feel connected to our community, even when you can't physically make it to a service.

Also, on a related note, if you want to make a monetary donation to the church, but can't physically be there with us, you can find two ways to donate on the "Donate" tab.  Thanks and God bless.


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