Faith in Action


Cross the World:

Nordland Lutheran Church is proud to say we are an active supporter of CROSS THE WORLD, a faith based ministry located in West Central Minnesota. Their mission is to touch as many people’s lives with a simple reminder that God is in their corner, no matter what encouragements they may need. Whether they’ve lost a spouse or child, suffered a financial or job loss, been diagnosed with a physical ailment; whatever is presently tearing at their heart, everyone needs to know that God loves them.   And, that simple reminder of God’s love is through a business sized wooden cross the missionaries at CROSS THE WORLD make and give away.
Cross The World’s mission started as the vision of one deeply spiritual man, their friend Harlow.  His desire was to introduce or reunite only ONE PERCENT of the world’s daily population rate of 340,000 to God; he knew when they started basking in His goodness, the number of Christians across the world would seriously rock Satan’s world! Sadly, Harlow joined his Saviour before he was able to launch this exciting spiritual adventure, but, through five of his friends, CROSS THE WORLD was born and they are committed to carry his dream to everyone they can, through these small crosses.
Please visit their website,,  to get more information about this exciting ministry!  You will find stories of how others have used the crosses in their faith work as well as information on how you can request some crosses for your needs.
We also support:
  • Community Service Center
  • Caring Bridge
  • Green lake Bible Camp ScholarShips
  • Habitat For Humanit
  • American Bible Study
  • American Red Cross
  • The local Food Shelf