Nordland's Stained Glass


The Dove - Entryway Glass

This is one of two stained glass pieces found in our entryway.  All pieces at Nordland are done in a similar style.  Some panes at Nordland have been replaced over the years for various reason, but the windows are still largely original.


The Lamb of God - Entryway Glass

This is one of two stained glass pieces found in our entryway.  The stained glass at Nordland now has storm windows protecting the outside to prevent further damage and to keep in warmth.  We also have black covers for them to darken the sanctuary when a dark mood is desired for the service.


Sunde Window (#1)

Given by the Sunde family.  Palm leaves represent Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.


Ole and Ellen Hendrickson Window (#2)

This window was donated by Mrs. Elise Svendson.  It depicts the flaming chariot wheel of Elijah and the IHC monogram of Jesus.


Martin and Malina Nelson Window (#3)

Donated by their children.  This window depicts the Sermon on the Mount. A Chi Rho Christogram sits atop.


Mrs. Viola Hendrickson Window (#4)

Donated by Oluf Hendrickson and children.  Here we see the High Mountain, where the temptation of Jesus Christ occurred.


P.A. Haagenson Window (#5)

Donated by Mrs. Olava Haagenson and children.  The star represents Epiphany.


Ditmar and Kristi Ditmarson Window (#6)

The lily represents The Annunciation.


Jensine Granstrom Window (#7)

Donated by grandchildren. The picture is an open bible.


Anton and Milla Anderson Window (#8)

Donated by daughters.  Chalice representing Holy Communion.


Adrian Haagenson Window (#9)

Donated by Mrs. Dora Haagenson and children.  This is a Baptismal Font.


Ole and Johanna Winther Window (#10)

"Cross" meaning "Triump" over the world.


I.J. and Anne Anderson Window (#11)

Donated by children.  The phoenix represents Christ's Resurrection.


Anderson and Jorgine Borsheim Window (#12)

This depicts the three crosses on Calvary.


Corda Chesness Window (#13)

Given by brothers and friends.  The Crown of Thorns worn at the Crucifixion.  The monogram INRI stands for  Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum, which in English reads as "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews."


Jonas and Olina Jacobson window (#14)

Donated by children.  The scales out of balance represents the unfair trial of Jesus. The letters SPQR translates to "The Senate and people of Rome".  The letters stand for Senātus Populusque Rōmānus.


Ole and Anne Christenson Window (#15)

Donated by Martin and Julia Christenson, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Christenson, and Mr. and Mrs. George Christenson.  These 30 pieces of silver represent Judas' betrayal.


Undedicated Window (#16)

The Lighted Lamp represents Christian knowledge.


Haagen Haagenson Window (#17)

Donated by Hulda, Irvin, and Mildred.  Titled, "The Good Shepard," This is the only window in Nordland with a full image of Jesus Christ.  It's found in the balcony, looking down on the congregation.